to Urology from the British Association of Urological Surgeons, a Hunterian Professorship in 2021 from the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the Evening Standard Award for being one of London’s most influential people in health. This culminated in one of the most prestigious awards in global urology: the Crystal Matula Award from the European Association of Urology for being the top Academic Urologist in Europe. How did MTS influence you going into medicine? MTS gave me some core values which have been important in my career: resilience, professionalism, kindness and independent thinking. As with all careers there are lots of highs and lows, and Medicine is a long, hard grind, so these core values have been important in being able to succeed. I remember around the time of leaving, Sir John Sulston OMT was given the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work in genome sequencing. Achieving something like that seemed so far away but opened my eyes to the possibility of what could be achieved in life after MTS.

Concordia Winter 2023


Below: Being awarded the Crystal Matula Award in Amsterdam by the European Association of Urology

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