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George Turner (Lower Sixth) in this year’s senior play, Enron

Dear Reader

I n this edition we lead with a feature on the East African Asian community, which lies at the heart of Merchant Taylors’. On the 50th anniversary of their arrival we recognise their contribution both to the school and to Britain more generally. My sincere thanks to OMTs Ameer Kotecha, Pranai Buddhdev and Zakiy Manji for sharing their families’ stories. May I also commend to you this year’s Archive feature on subject reports. Jonny Taylor’s article illustrates how they go back to the founding statutes of the school in 1561 and changed considerably in the latter part of the twentieth century. Chris Roseblade’s evocative recollection of the SCR of the 1990s captures a time in the school’s recent history which was often mirrored in the written style adopted by staff. As ever, I would like to thank Chris Wilsdon at 3Sixty for all his work in designing the magazine. Jon Rippier (SCR 2003-2023) Editor

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