Concordia Winter 2023

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge On 13th June, 41 Lower Sixth chemists sat the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, otherwise known as the C3L6. This was a challenging 90-minute paper which required the application of A Level concepts in a logical way to solve complex problems. The results for these were awarded in July, just after term had finished. However, the results were worth the wait, with the Lower Sixth chemists achieving the best results we have seen in recent years. Nine students attained a Gold award, placing them in the top 10 per cent of Chemistry students nationally. The range of results were impressive, with 13 students being awarded a Silver award (top 20 per cent nationally) and eleven students attaining a Copper award.


Fourth Former gains A* in A-Level Computer Science Ali Juma (now Divisions) has

achieved a very rare feat of gaining an A* in A Level Computer Science at the age of 14. This is something only one in 20 candidates achieve nationally when aged 18 so the level of skill and knowledge required to join this exclusive club is daunting anyway. Ali also gained his GCSE in Computer Science in Year 5, in which he also achieved the top grade.

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