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Concordia Winter 2023


Third Formers on a trip to the Lake District

4 Head Master Simon Everson examines what defines a great education. 6 Ameer Kotecha (2005-2010) considers the contribution and impact of the East African Asian community. 8 Pranai Buddhdev (1997-2002) reflects on his family’s journey from Kenya and the challenges they faced in building a new life. 10 Zakiy Manji (2005-2010) reflects on his family’s journey from Uganda and the wider contribution of the Ismaili community. 12 Charlie Merriman (2006-2011) writes on his award-winning, stand-up comedy show, WONDER DRUG . 14 Max Kendix (2012-2019) recounts his early experiences as a journalist at The Times . 16 Veeru Kasivisvanathan (1996-2003) looks back over his career as a Urological Surgeon. 20 Chris Humphrey (1981-1986) reflects on his passion for photography and how it has led to his second career. 24 The Julian Hill Cricket Centre 26 News from MTS 30 News from MTP 32 History master Jonny Taylor delves into the Archive and considers how report writing has evolved at MTS. 36 Former English master Chris Roseblade (SCR 1994-2015) recalls the Senior Common Room of the 1990s and a very different era of report writing. 44 Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Nick Latham , gives an overview of the year’s activities. 46 The Roll of Benefactors celebrates the generosity of the Merchant Taylors’ School community. 50 Highlights from the re-launch of the Clubs and Societies Fund . 52 The Events Roundup reviews a year of over 50 gatherings. 56 Forthcoming Events gives details of school and OMT Society events now booking. 58 News from OMTs around the world in Class Notes . 62 Obituaries

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