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MTP from the Archives: ‘food, glorious food’

The Old Dining Hall at Moor Farm was a multi purpose space and served as our assembly venue, gym for PE, concert hall for Music, and theatre for school plays. In the first photo you can see the ladder to the lighting box as well as the original trestle tables for lunch, which was brought to the table by kitchen staff and served by the member of staff who sat at the head of the table. Y5-8 were served and fed in 30 minutes with grace always said beforehand. You could ask for ‘small’ or ‘normal’ portion size. Lunch arrangements changed after Dr Lee became Head in 1997 with the introduction of a servery, new tables, benches and blue plastic trays.

The saying ‘an army marches on its stomach’ is attributed both to Frederick the Great and Napoleon and is especially true in schools, fuelling both pupils and staff. School dinners bring back so many memories for everyone and our archives provide delectable photographs as well as food for thought.


Christmas in Old Dining Hall 1992

Cilla Silo (RIP) and Catering Team 1991

Nina, Atsuko and Chef Thomas in Old Kitchen 2013

Team Tea with David Ginola

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