Concordia Winter 2023

Hamza Ahmad Khan (2009-2014) Hamza Ahmad Khan graduated in 2020 with Honours in Medicine from the University of Olomouc in the Czech Republic. He is currently working as a junior doctor in south London, working towards specialising in clinical and interventional radiology.

That’s Dad’s old car! Malcolm Stern, 94, and his son Jonathan Stern (1978-1982) took the newly roadworthy PG6633 for its first outing in October. Malcolm, a former mechanical engineer, took up 3D printing as a hobby before the pandemic and, inspired to print a copy of his own father’s beloved Talbot-Darraq, stumbled across the very car his father bought in 1935 on the Bonhams website. Malcolm spent about 1000 hours restoring the car and enlisted the help of a specialist restorer who then spent a further 2000 hours to make the car roadworthy. “What a day today! Our first outing in the newly roadworthy PG6633. Dad and I between us drove about 30 miles with Mum and Debbie in the support vehicle behind! We met up with an interesting group of car-restoration nuts who fussed over both dad and the car. “My dad throughout the years has regaled us with stories from his childhood of taking the yellow car for picnics… It’s amazing to have the car up and running again.”


Photo credit: BBC

Pranai Buddhdev (1997-2002) Pranai Buddhdev recently spent two weeks at Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute, Tanzania, working with local healthcare services providing paediatric orthopaedic treatments. He said “From the clinics to the operating theatre, from the wards to the hearts of children, each moment was a testament to the power of collaboration and compassion. The local faculty were incredibly welcoming and highlighting their expertise and vast experience despite unsatisfactory resources was awe-inspiring!

Our journey doesn’t end here. We made sure to leave a legacy of hope by donating vital equipment. These tools will continue to nurture

the health and well-being of the children we had the privilege to serve.”


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