Financial Services Careers Fair 2023

James Elton (OMT, 2009)

Economics, University of Nottingham

Tax Director at Deloitte

James joined Deloitte in 2013. Since then, he has focused on advising large multinational groups on M&A and international tax matters.

Greg Brown (OMT, 1999)

Engineering and Computer Science,

University of Oxford

Partner at Oxbow Partners

Greg Brown is a Partner at Oxbow Partners, an insurance-only strategy consulting business. Greg helps insurers, brokers and reinsurers improve the way they operate. He does this either by designing new products (e.g. insuring against computer hacking), using technology to make their businesses more efficient (e.g. online shopping) or by using data to better understand the nature of the risk they are taking on (e.g. Tesco worked out that people who buy broccoli crash cars less often).

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