The BIG Read

A book review is not...

A book review is …

A piece of writing that tells you about a book so that you can decide whether you would like to read it.

A piece of writing that retells the story. If you give away the plot you spoil the book for others.

Writing Your Review ✓ What did you like or enjoy about the story? For example, did it make you laugh, did you enjoy being scared by it, where the characters relatable? ✓ What did you dislike or not enjoy about the story? For example, was it meant to be funny but didn ’ t make you laugh, was the plot too complicated or unnecessarily confusing?

✓ Was the book too long, or too short or just right? ✓ How did you feel when you had finished the book? ✓ Who do you think would like this book?

Your book review MUST:

• Have all 3 review elements • Be written in complete sentences and correctly punctuated • Contain opinion about what you did or did not like about the book. Try to illustrate your opinion with examples

Your book review MUST NOT: • Retell the story • Contain ‘ spoilers ’

• Plagiarise reviews written by others • Be created using AI technology

Remember to write your review once you ’ ve finished the book so it ’ s fresh in your mind. There will be time in your weekly library lessons to write and submit reviews. We want to know your opinion, not someone else's or what AI might generate. Plagiarism and AI checking will be in place.

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