The BIG Read

Tin Boy by Steve COLE Mining for tin in deep, dangerous trenches is the only life that Tono has ever known. Worked to the brink of exhaustion each day, his only escape is in the precious moments when he reads his dad's old comics. In a world of heroes and superpowers, he can forget the terrifying mining pits. But an underwater avalanche, a glimpse of something bright red in the sandy seabed, and a canny sidekick are about to transform Tono's life forever ...Fate collides with a stark reality in this truly unique and unforgettable story.

Boy, Everywhere by A. M. DASSU 13 year old Sami has a good life in Damascus, although he knows there is war in the rest of the country, he never seriously imagines it will reach Damascus. It ’ s a normal life; a peaceful life - and as it turns out, a life that can be destroyed at any moment. When a bomb goes off at a shopping mall, shattering his little sister ’ s childhood, his family decide to sell everything and flee Syria. So begins Sami ’ s journey across Europe, and into danger, poverty and fear.

The Extraordinary Cases of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan DOYLE This collection contains eight of the best known stories featuring the world ’ s most famous detective and his sidekick Dr Watson. Join them as they solve mysteries and catch criminals in the foggy streets of Victorian London.

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