The Big Read

To submit a book review you must be logged in to your Accessit account.

• Search for the book you want to review, and click on the cover to open the book details. • On the left - hand side of the book information box you will see a ‘ Write a review ’ link. Clicking this will open a review box. • You will see 3 review elements to complete - ‘ Review ’, ‘ Who would enjoy this? ’ and ‘ Rating ’. All 3 must be completed for the review to be approved. • When you have finished your review click the ‘ Submit ’ button. • You can ‘ Save As Draft ’ whilst writing your review. To return to it you must search for the book again and your draft will be available to edit under the ‘ Reviews ’ tab. Make sure to ‘ submit ’ your review once you have completed it. • You will not be able to edit a review once it ’ s been submitted. • Check your approved reviews using Advanced Search - Reviews . REMEMBER to check your school email to see whether your review has been approved or not. You will always be given a reason if it has not been approved.

Useful tip! Write and save your review in a Word document beforehand and then copy & paste it into the review box on Accessit. This will give you a chance to think carefully about what you are writing and will also check your spelling and punctuation.

Your book review MUST: • Have all 3 review elements. • Be written in complete sentences and correctly punctuated. • Contain opinion about what you

Your book review MUST NOT: • Retell the story. • Contain ‘ spoilers ’. • Plagiarise reviews written by others.

did or did not like about the book. Try to illustrate your opinion with examples.

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