Lunch A hot lunch is provided for all pupils. There is a choice of food, including a vegetarian option. Please indicate any dietary requirements via the forms in your starter pack. We will require a confirmation letter from your doctor of a diagnosed allergy, and this must be dated within the last six months. If there are any changes, please email the office. We cannot guarantee to comply with your wishes if we do not have this form completed. The lunch menu is available every week on the school website. If your child does not eat meat, please ensure that he understands the term ‘vegetarian’ and that it applies to him. We do not offer halal or kosher food Birthday Treats We really enjoy celebrating birthdays in school. You may if you wish, bring in a ‘birthday book’ to celebrate your child’s birthday.: Around the time of your child’s birthday, you may wish to buy a book to donate to the school library in celebration. When the book comes to school, we will put a dedication sticker in the front inside cover, so that in the future, children will be able to remember who donated the book. Your child will present the book to their class, and it will become a gift that will be shared and treasured in our library for many years.

Unfortunately, we are unable to distribute party invitations, bags or gifts.

Contact details

Please ensure that we have up-to-date contact details, including details of emergency non parental contacts, at all times. Please email the Office immediately to update your details if they change. This includes changes in address, telephone numbers, email addresses and family circumstances.

Communication with school

The School Office can be contacted on 01923 825 648 from 08.00 to 17.15 Monday to Friday during term time. An answerphone is used at other times.

You may also contact the Manor, where Nursery and Reception are based, directly on 01923 845 990 (Nursery) and 01923 845 991 (Reception) from 08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Friday during term. In the vast majority of cases where you have a query about your child’s experience in school, his class teacher is the best first point of contact.

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