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Taylorian 2023


An introduction from the Editor:

Contributing Editor Mr J. M. S. Rippier Sub-editors Mrs K. Shockley, Mrs L. O.

Solomon, Dr M. I. Hetherington, Miss M. J. Fitzpatrick, Miss L. S. Green, Mr A. J. Richardson Photographers Patricia Rayner, Sonal Galaiya, Bailey Butler, Richard Dixon, Anton Cataldo and all in the School community who have contributed photographs over the course of the year. Front cover Patricia Rayner, School pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, September 2022 Left MTS gathers to mark the Coronation of King Charles III

M y first encounter with the Taylorian was in July 2006; I had just finished my Third Form year and was proud to see the inclusion of one of my articles. That issue was edited by Jon Rippier, so it feels like things have come full circle as he entrusts me with the publication he revived and rejuvenated in 2004. Jon recognised its importance in building institutional memory and maintaining the School’s culture. Alongside his broader work as Director of Communications, he has woven the School’s narrative thread for twenty years, allowing us to communicate our values and the full extent of a Merchant Taylors’ education. More than this, though, he has helped pupils preserve their treasured memories. He will be missed. We also bid farewell to several other stalwarts: Caron Evans-Evans has given 26 years of unstinting service to MTS; Philip Harrison and Lottie Drew have served for over a decade and have done so much for pupils and staff. Matt Flower’s work with PHAB is only a fraction of the influence he has had. This year the School has borne witness to history as we paid tribute to the extraordinary life of Queen Elizabeth II and welcomed King Charles III to the throne. We also cemented our strong links with the City of London by supporting a Merchant Taylor on his appointment as Lord Mayor and welcomed him to the School soon after.

What remains the same, though, is the endeavour of our pupils. Indeed, what I have enjoyed most about this role is the opportunity to read about all their wonderful pursuits and how much value they place in them. It is fitting, therefore, that much student writing can be found in these pages, which I hope captures the spirit of their experiences. We also feature some creative writing – including satirical work from the popular Dependent magazine – as well as some exceptional artwork. 2022-23 feels like the first proper year post-pandemic, when residential trips abroad resumed, and our co-curricular and sporting provision was the most expansive it has been for some time. We can only hope that 2023-24 is equally successful. I would like to close my first editorial by thanking all the boys and colleagues who have submitted articles and photographs throughout the year; Jon Rippier for bringing this new-look

Taylorian to fruition; and to Chris Wilsdon at 3Sixty Creative for his brilliant work in its design. David Robinson, Editor


Taylorian 2023


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Taylorian 2023


An introduction from the Head Master:

I start this year’s Taylorian with a thought, prompted by a conversation I had with our school’s Head Gardener. We were looking at a flowerbed in front of the Great Hall - I was praising the beautiful allium that he had planted. They were explosions of vivid purple, standing proudly out amongst the other flowers. They were more like fireworks than plants. He thanked me and told me that he grows each flower from seed, and it takes between 5 and 7 years before each plant becomes ready to produce such impressive flowers. I take that as a metaphor. It is more than just allium that we grow from seed at Merchant Taylors’; other things take from 5 to 7 years to grow to the point where they can flower fully; not just plants impress with

our wonderful facilities and will soon be enjoyed by many. Each year, the school renews itself, just as the flowers in the garden do. Long may it continue, and long may our flowerbeds flourish. Mr S. J. Everson

their display and their bearing. The analogy is with the wonderful pupils at our school. Jesus may have told his disciples that he would make them ‘fishers of men’; here at Merchant Taylors’ we are gardeners of men. And the young men you will find between these pages are very much in flower – in the flower of their youth, their talent and their achievement. There is much here to impress. They have produced their own fireworks over the year. We have enjoyed another successful year at Merchant Taylors’, in which we celebrated 90 years at Sandy Lodge. We bade farewell to a much loved Queen, and welcomed a new monarch to the throne. The Julian Hill Cricket Centre rises to join


Taylorian 2023


New Boys

P upils admitted to Merchant Taylors’ School from September 2022 11+ Affan , Eesa, Aldenham School; Ahmed , Adam, Buckingham College Preparatory School; Alibhai, Rayaan, Lochinver House School; Arun, Adithyaa, Gayhurst School; Assani, Darshan, Alpha Preparatory School; Bhimjiani, Krishaang, Pinner Wood School; Bist, Rohan, Avanti House Primary School; Chandok, Aaryan, St James CE Primary School; Chauhan, Eshan, Bushey Heath Primary School; Chen, Shi, Kowloon Tong School-Primary; Datta, Suraj, Radlett Prep School; Dave, Hrim, Krishna Avanti Primary School; Faisal, Hassan, Buckingham College Preparatory School; Fitch, Jude, Gayhurst School; Gandhi , Vedansh, Ascot Road Community Free School; Gao , Ethan, Nascot Wood Junior School; Garg , Anay, Cannon Lane Primary School; Giri , Soumava, Preston Park Primary; Gupta , Mahli, Lyndhurst House Preparatory School; Harwood , Nathan, Manor Lodge School; Hinduja , Aditya, Grimsdyke School; Hirani , Jai, Hendon Preparatory School; Hopkins , Maximilian, The Academy School; Hyttinen , Kyro, St John’s CofE School, Stanmore; Jamal , Eliyaan, Holland House School; Janahan , Jai, Hadley Wood Primary School; Joshi , Shivesh, Buckingham College Preparatory School; Kanda , Aryan, Reddiford School; Karanja , Oswald, St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School And Nursery;

Schofield , Jamie, Edge Grove School; Sekhon , Samarvir, Gayhurst School; Shah , Saahan, Eastbury Farm Primary School; Shah , Siddhanth, Pinner Wood School; Shankar , Saayuj, Reddiford School; Shareef, Munzhir, Roxeth Primary School; Sharma , Sahasranshu, The Mall School; Sivanesan , Aman, Aldenham School; Sritharan , Naraiyan, St Christopher’s School; Thakur , Amitav, Jamnabai Narsee School; Thompson , Elyas, Ark Franklin Primary Academy; Ustinov , Dmytro, St Andrew’s Primary School; Vaidya , Omkar, Norbury School; Weetch , Rufus, St James CE Primary School; Wijeratne , Rishane, Reddiford School; Xu , Tianyi, Prae Wood Primary School; Yadav , Advik, Belmont School (Harrow); Yaqub , Raiyan, Radlett Prep School; Zwiefka-Sibley , Maximilian, St Anthony’s Prep School; Upper Thirds Al-Obaydi , Saif, Nottingham High School. 13+ Abhayawickrama , Ravin, Orley Farm School; Agarwal , Ansh, St John’s School; Ahmed , Benyamin, St John’s School; Alonzi , Alessandro, Durston House School; Alshafi , Adam, Durston House School; Altieri , Francesco, The Hall, Hampstead; An , Jinchen, Lockers Park School; Bal , Maximilian, Davenies School; Baldwin , Thomas, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School;

Keane , Samuel, Nascot Wood Junior School; Khan , Adreece, Montpelier Primary School; Khan , Muhammad, St Christopher’s School; Khandelwal , Vihaan, Reddiford School; Khoroshaev , Artem, Edge Grove School; Kormushev , Steven, Newton Farm Nursery, Infant And Junior School; Kunwar , Zayaan, Radlett Prep School; MacMillan , Thomas, Reddiford School; Mangalagiri , Pranav, West Drayton Primary School; Mehmet , Aydin, Rhodes Avenue Primary School; Mehta , Dylan, Holland House School; Mehta , Rishi, Lochinver House School; Merali , Aadam, Reddiford School; Minhas , Salar, Coldfall Primary School; Morbiwalla , Karim, St Christopher’s School; Morris , Benjamin, Bushey Heath Primary School; Mottaghi , Ario, Hampstead Parochial Church of England Primary School; Mukhtar , Rayyan, Reddiford School; Pail , Yashas, Alpha Preparatory School; Papastylianou , Christopher, Radlett Prep School; Parmar , Kai, Alpha Preparatory School; Patel , Ishaan, St Christopher’s School; Patel , Veer, Alpha Preparatory School; Patwalia , Kavan, Eastbury Farm Primary School; Pillai , Aditya, Newnham Junior School; Ramdeo, Archit, Staines Preparatory School; Ramesh , Arav, Manor Lodge School; Sabour , Ryan, Radlett Prep School; Saeed , Ahmad, Devonshire House Preparatory School; Sapkota , Riwaj, Howe Dell Primary School; Sapkota , Rohan, Howe Dell Primary School;

Bassett , Leo, St John’s School; Batra , Kaiyan, St Martin’s School;


Taylorian 2023


New Boys

Schoeman , Alexander, St Anthony’s Prep School; Scott , Aaron, St John’s School; Shah , Ayush, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Shah , Kian, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Shah , Liam, Orley Farm School; Shah , Mihir, Lochinver House School; Shah , Niam, Orley Farm School; Shah , Rian, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Shareef , Haroon, North Brent School Wembley; Shaw , Mark, Edge Grove School; Shaw , Miles, Edge Grove School; Shaw , Stephen, Edge Grove School; Shergill , Anek, St John’s School; Sibbu , Lakshya, Orley Farm School; Sikander , Ayaan, St Martin’s School; Sivaganesh , Jeroon, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Soni , Keshav, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Suggett , Hugh, Davenies School; Sutton , Wilfred, Durston House School; Unalkat , Aryan, St Martin’s School; Vaid , Kiran, Durston House School; Vasvari , Albert, St John’s School; Vora , Krishay, St Martin’s School; Waterman , Zac, St John’s School; Whiting , Marcus, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Wilson , Oscar, St John’s School; Zaborszky , Daniel, The Beacon School; Zwart , Christoph-Alexander, Sussex House School; Divisions Brayden , Doran, Thomas More College, South Africa. 16+ Warnapala , Seth, The John Lyon School.

Leader Cramer , Nathan, Davenies School; Malhotra , Parth, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Mardle , Alexander, The Hall, Hampstead; Marley-Shaw , Max, The Beacon School; Meakin , Hugo, Davenies School; Mehta , Prashil, Edge Grove School; Merali , Husayn, St Martin’s School; Miah , Roshan, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Mohan , Aarav, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Mohan , Amay, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Muir , Harry, York House School; Natt , Neel-Dylan, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Nistorel , Nicholas, York House School; Ozer, Huseyin , Lochinver House School; Palihakkara , Kyle, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Pascoe , Aaron, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Patani , Aarav, Edge Grove School; Patel , Aaryan, Orley Farm School; Patel , Arjun, Edge Grove School; Patel , Avi, St Martin’s School; Patel , Ayan, St Martin’s School; Patel , Keian, St Martin’s School; Patel , Nayan, St John’s School; Patel , Roshan, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Phillips Bhan , Louis, Edge Grove School; Pick , Charlie, Edge Grove School; Popp , Nicolas, The Hall, Hampstead; Qureshi , Safwaan, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Railton , Charlie, York House School; Sawhney , Kian, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Sawyer , Michael, St John’s School;

Bhular , Riyan, York House School; Blau , Blake, St John’s School; Boxall , Charles, York House School;

Bradford , Oliver, Durston House School; Brown , Peter, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Casey , Ryan, Davenies School; Cooper , Benjamin, Lochinver House School; Curran , Nicholas, Lochinver House School; Dalia-Patel , Shayan, The John Lyon School; Daphale , Agastya, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Dawson , Jack, York House School; Dhillon , Udhay, St Martin’s School; Elliott , Eliel, Devonshire House Preparatory School; Ford , Will, York House School; Galli , Andrea, Devonshire House Preparatory School; Gent , James, York House School; Gill , Adam, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Godber , Lucas, Devonshire House Preparatory School; Goodman , Amos, St John’s School; Hassan , Samih, Orley Farm School; Jain , Chaitya, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Kapoor , Aryan, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Karim , Zain, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Kee , Kieran, St Martin’s School; Khan , Anzarshah, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Khaw , Mako, St Martin’s School; Khemlani , Dhiren, Orley Farm School; Kirkham , Zachary, Davenies School; Kotecha , Yash, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Ladak , Adam, Merchant Taylors’ Prep School; Goria , Aryan, St John’s School; Gupta , Ayush, Davenies School;


Taylorian 2023


Leavers 2022

Abdur-Rahman , Zahid, 2017 - 2022, UCL (University College London), (Medicine 6 years); Adam, Ra’eef , 2017 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Mechanical Engineering); Afolabi , Oluwatooni, 2015 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Industrial Economics); Ahmed , Zayd, 2015 - 2022, University College London, (Medicine); Aiyetigbo , Michelangelo, 2015 - 2022, Surry University, (Economics); Aldous , Stefan, 2017 - 2022, Bristol University , (Business and Management); Ali , Amar, 2015 - 2022, Cardiff University, (Philosophy and Economics); Arora , Deyne, 2017 - 2022, Royal Holloway, University of London, (Computer Science with Integrated Foundation Year); Barreiros-Caricati , Enrico, 2015 - 2022, University of St Andrews, (Philosophy); Bauer , Philip, 2017 - 2022, Leeds University, (Architecture); Bayney , Matthew, 2015 - 2022, Reapplying, (Gap Year); Beck , Kardo, 2017 - 2022, Oxford University, (History); Bellerose , Ozkan, 2015 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Sociology); Bennett , Nathaniel, 2017 - 2022, Bangor University, (English Language); Bhattacharya , Niam, 2017 - 2022, Loughborough University, (Philosophy, Politics & Economics); Bindloss , George, 2017 - 2022, Reapplying, (Gap Year); Bridgewater , Henry, 2017 - 2022, Oxford University, (Medicine); Burns , Marcus, 2017 - 2022, Oxford University, (Classics); Leavers 2022

Garella , Anikait, 2015 - 2022, Warwick University, (Chemistry); Ghaffar , Shams, 2017 - 2022, Kings College London, (Liberal Arts); Gill , Arjun, 2017 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Law); Gokal , Neel, 2017 - 2022, Oxford University, (Classics); Gopaldas , Rahul, 2015 - 2022, Queen Mary University of London, (Economics); Gossain , Rohin, 2017 - 2022, Birmingham University, (Law); Govani , Aman, 2017 - 2022, City University, London, (Law); Grewal , Aman, 2017 - 2022, Queen’s University, Belfast, (International Relations and French); Groves , Thomas, 2017 - 2022, Durham University, (Politics); Hamilton , Oliver, 2015 - 2022, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London, (History); Hanlon-Jahangeer , Adam, 2017 - 2022, Manchester University, (Modern History with Economics); Hardijzer , Victor, 2015 - 2022, Birmingham University, (Chemical Engineering); Hartigan , Ryan, 2015 - 2022, Queen’s University, Belfast, (Geography & Politics); Hassan , Nabil, 2015 - 2022, Nottingham University, (American Studies and English); Hazan , Nathan, 2017 - 2022, Reapplying, (Gap Year); Hills , Marcus, 2015 - 2022, Leeds University, (Art & Design); Horgan-Smith , Ethan, 2015 - 2022, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London, (History); Hossein , Abtin, 2020 - 2022, York University, (Philosopy, Politics and Economics);

Carruthers Hintze , Guilherme, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (Economics); Chadha , Ankit, 2017 - 2022, Birmingham University, (Philosophy and Politics); Chandoo , Imran, 2015 - 2022, Kings College London (History); Chapanery , Jayden, 2015 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Economics); Chatrath , Nayan, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (Film and Literature); Clapham , Charles, 2017 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Politics and International Relations); Clarke , Archie, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (History); Collings , Jude, 2017 - 2022, Oxford University, (Chemistry); Craft , Elliot, 2017 - 2022, Edinburgh University, (French & History); Cresswell , Benjamin, 2015 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Chemical Engineering); Cunningham , Laurence, 2017 - 2022, Loughborough University, (Product Design Engineering with placement year); Dasgupta , Rohan, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (Psychology); Dhillon , Rohan, 2017 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Geography); Down , James, 2017 - 2022, University College London, (Geology); Ehrman , John, 2017 - 2022, Kingston University South West London, (Fine Art); Farr , Lawrence, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (Physics); Fitkov-Norris , Dominic, 2017 - 2022, Exeter University, (Mechanical Engineering); Fraga , Javier, 2015 - 2022, London School of Economics and Political Science, (Mathematics & Economics); Ganesh , Sabarish, 2017 - 2022, University College London, (Natural Sciences);


Taylorian 2023


Leavers 2022

Hui , Jordan, 2017 - 2022, Bath University, (Economics); Jamal , Zainali, 2017 - 2022, University College London, (Chemistry); Jassani , Faris, 2017 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Management); Johnson , Luke, 2015 - 2022, Newcastle University, (Medicine and Surgery); Jones , Alexander, 2015 - 2022, Edinburgh University, (Electronics and Computer Science); Jory , Daniel, 2017 - 2022, Reapplying, (Gap Year): Justus , David, 2017 - 2022, Reapplying, (Gap Year); Kalaiarasan , Rushanth, 2015 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Computer Science); Kandala , Abhinav, 2015 - 2022, University College London, (Medicine 6 years); Karawalli , Imran, 2017 - 2022, City University, London, (Actuarial Science); Karurkar , Ishan, 2015 - 2022, University College London, (Medicine 6 years); Keeney , James, 2017 - 2022, Queen’s University, Belfast, (International Relations and Politics); Kenny , James, 2017 - 2022, Swansea University, (Geography with a Year in Industry); Knight , Dominik, 2017 - 2022, Surrey University, (Electrical and Electronic Engineering); Kotecha , Dhruv, 2015 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Economics); Krynski , Jacek, 2017 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Engineering and Physical Sciences);

Lilico , Justin, 2017 - 2022, Bath University, (Aerospace Engineering); Lovegrove , Elliot, 2015 - 2022, York University, (Computer Science & Mathematics); Luthra , Rohan, 2017 - 2022, Bristol University, (Geography); Madra , Khem, 2015 - 2022, York University, (Philosophy, Politics and Economics); Mathan , Jaroash, 2019 - 2022, Reapplying, (Gap Year); McLeish , Dylan, 2017 - 2022, Bath University, (Politics and International Relations); Meghani , Aaron, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (Mechanical Engineering); Mehta , Kavir, 2015 - 2022, Newcastle University, (Mechanical Engineering); Mehta , Shaunak, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (History and Politics); Meshram , Atharv, 2015 - 2022, University College London, (Medicine 6 years); Mills , Oliver, 2015 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Management); Mistri , Vishal, 2017 - 2022, University College London, (Geography (International)); Mitchell , Charles, 2017 - 2022, Bristol University, (Sociology & Philosophy); Muhunthan , Kavin, 2015 - 2022, Aston University, Birmingham, (Medicine); Muralitharan , Guganeshan, 2015 - 2022, St Andrews University, (Medicine); Nathwani , Aaron, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (Economics); Nawar , Ramy, 2017 - 2022, Kings College London, (Dentistry); Nazir , Amir, 2017 - 2022, University

Odejinmi , Ayotunde, 2017 - 2022, Edinburgh University, (Social Anthropology & Politics); Osman , James, 2017 - 2022, University of Exeter, (English); Page , Tobias, 2015 - 2022, Southampton University, (English Language and Linguistics); Patel , Amaan, 2015 - 2022, Bristol University, (Chemistry); Patel , Aman, 2017 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Politics & Economics); Patel , Ariyen, 2017 - 2022, Southampton University, (Politics & Economics); Patel , Dylan, 2015 - 2022, Loughborough University, (Psychology); Patel , Eashan, 2020 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Mechanical Engineering); Patel , Gauranga, 2015 - 2022, London School of Economics and Politics, (Management); Patel , Ishan, 2015 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Economics); Patel , Yaash, 2017 - 2022, University College London, (History and Politics of the Americas); Pearson , Hari, 2017 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Chemistry with a Year in Industry); Popat , Kishan, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (Law); Prabhakar , Neil, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (Chemistry); Qureshi , Raiyan, 2017 - 2022, Bristol, University of the West of England, (Interior Architecture); Rehman , Ghazi, 2015 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Mechanical Engineering); Rialas , Chrysanthos, 2017 - 2022, Queen Mary University of London, (Human Geography); Roberts , Bruno, 2015 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Chemistry 4 years); Robinson , William, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (Psychology);

Kukoyi , David, 2015 - 2022, PennState University, USA, (Mechanical Engineering);

College London, (Psychology); Nicholson , Charlie, 2017 - 2022, Reapplying, (Gap Year); Noar , Benjamin, 2017 - 2022, Loughborough University, (Product Design Engineering);

Lakin , Eliot, 2017 - 2022, Loughborough University, (Product Design Engineering); Lemon , Thomas, 2017 - 2022, Loughborough University, (Product Design Engineering);


Taylorian 2023


Leavers 2022

Loughborough University, (Product Design Engineering); Venco , Francesco, 2020 - 2022, Warwick University, (Economics); Viyaijen , Aathavan, 2015 - 2022, University of Birmingham, (Medicine 5 Years); Vora , Aaryan, 2017 - 2022, Aston University, Birmingham, (Psychology & Marketing); Vyas , Aman, 2017 - 2022, Bath University, (International Development and Economics); Waller , Hayden, 2015 - 2022, Warwick University, (English Literature); Wareing , Henry, 2018 - 2022, Warwick University, (Economics); Watson , James, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (History); White , Edward, 2017 - 2022, Leeds University, (Economics and Geography); Wilkins , Ryan, 2017 - 2022, Imperial College London, (Chemistry); Williams , Harrison, 2017 - 2022, London School of Economics and Political Science, (Geography and Economics); Williams , Harry, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (Law with French Law); Wood , Mathis, 2017 - 2022, Warwick University, (History & French); Yaqoob , Ali, 2017 - 2022, Edinburgh University, (History).

Roopra , Jay, 2017 - 2022, University College London, (Natural Sciences); Ryley , Kishan, 2017 - 2022, Imperial College London, (Mathematics); Savic , Andre, 2017 - 2022, Reapplying, (Gap Year); Shah , Ashin, 2015 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Biochemistry and Genetics); Shah , Mirren, 2015 - 2022, Warwick University, (Computer Science); Shah , Raj, 2017 - 2022, Bath University, (International Management and Modern Languages - German); Shah , Samir, 2017 - 2022, University College London, (History); Shankar , Suraj, 2015 - 2022, Southampton Institute , (Philosophy, Politics and Economics); Sheikh , Ayaan, 2015 - 2022, Reapplying, (Gap Year); Sinha , Kunvar, 2017 - 2022, Kings College London , (Mathematics with Management and Finance); Smart , Lily, 2017 - 2022, Newcastle University, (Computer Science with Industrial Placement); Stonefield , Zev, 2017 - 2022, Leeds University, (Philosophy); Temowo , Olumayowa, 2015 - 2022, Swansea University, (Law); Terry , Eben, 2017 - 2022, Oxford University, (History); Thakrar , Akash, 2017 - 2022, Nottingham University, (Finance, Accounting and Management); Thierbach Gati , Oscar, 2017 - 2022, University College London, (Geography (International)); Tillotson , Alexander, 2015 - 2022, Durham University, (History); Tillotson , Dominic, 2015 - 2022, Durham University, (History); Tokeria , Ayush, 2015 - 2022, Reapplying, (Gap Year); Ullah , Mohammed, 2017 - 2022,


Taylorian 2023


New Staff

New Members of the Senior Common Room

Zara Binji – recently completed a PGCE at King’s College London. She is teaching Classics. Keya Chakraborty – joined from William Perkin CofE High School. She is Head of Psychology. Edward Conway – is Director of Rugby. Emilie Danis – joined from Stowe School. She is Head of French. Scott de Weymarn – joined from Abingdon School. He is teaching Physical Education. Christopher Docherty – is teaching Design and Technology. Ryan Evans – joined from The Grange Academy. He is teaching History. Lauren Green – recently completed a PGCE at the University of York. She is teaching English. Aysha Gurmail-Kaufmann – recently completed a PGCE at King’s College London. She is teaching Classics. Rollo Hesketh – joined from St. Swithun’s School. He is Head of Lower School. Melissa Knight – joined from Royal Masonic School for Girls. She is teaching Chemistry. Thomas Lyall – joined from Pakuranga College, New Zealand. He has been teaching Economics. Gareth Roots – joined from RGS Worcester. He is Director of Sport. Lucy Solomon – joined from City of London School. She is teaching English. Sarah Wallace – joined from City of London School. She is teaching Religious Studies and Philosophy.

Assistant Staff Zijie Leon Liu – graduated from the Royal College of Music. He is Graduate Musician. Ryan Whitehurst – joined from Holy Rood Primary School. He was Graduate Assistant - Hockey.


Taylorian 2023


Staff Leavers

Thomas Lyall Tom joined the School in September 2022. Having decided to return to the UK from New Zealand, he once again had to adjust to the changeable British weather. Tom relished the opportunity to link real world events to (sometimes) dry and abstract economic theory and had a particular fondness for explaining the financial crisis – the event that pushed him into teaching in order to earn an honest living. Though Tom has only been with us for a year, he quickly adjusted to the expectations of MTS. Blessed with a strong work ethic, he rapidly developed a keen understanding of Edexcel Economics marking – and if you can get your head around that, you can understand pretty much anything. A kind, enthusiastic, and humorous individual, Tom gave significant support to many A-Level students. He fully embraced the ethos of the School, and through his engagement as a tutor and in sport he really got to know the boys outside the classroom. Tom may never have suspected, though, that he would end up charged with coaching a B team for hockey! Tom is now returning to New Zealand to be closer to his family and will resume his job at his previous school. I hope Tom has enjoyed his ‘year abroad’ and we wish him all the

Stacey Pearson Stacey joined the School in January 2020 and quickly became iconic. Whether it was her astonishingly broad range of outfits or her variety of hair styles and colours, within a few short weeks everybody knew who she was. Unfortunately, her arrival coincided with a national lockdown and so for many months, staff and pupils were deprived of this array. In parallel, along came her newborn son, Thomas, and the combination meant we didn’t see her again properly until January 2021. She returned full of energy and with a determination to make sure every pupil in the School had the chance to find out why Politics is the most interesting subject on the curriculum. She launched Hansard Society for the Lower School to discuss political issues, ran mock Parliaments with the Upper Thirds, and hosted parliamentary workshops on Field Days. Her teaching has been first class, natural and superbly informed. Never happier than when espousing the merits of (and winning converts to) feminism, she has led the Department confidently and helped grow the subject in popularity. Stacey has run extension classes on Middle Eastern Politics, International Treaty Law and Sociology, as well as teaching PSHE to the Sixth Form in a frank and open way which will stand them in very good stead for the future.

Dan Westcott In his two years at Merchant Taylors’, Dan has had a tremendous impact on both the Geography Department and wider school life. Dan is fabulous teacher with a broad skill set; his creative teaching has brought a renewed energy to the Department and all Geography staff have taken inspiration from his exciting lesson ideas. Dan’s infectious enthusiasm has been felt by all of his students and colleagues. He has led the Junior and Senior Geography Societies, and has overseen the publication

of both the Geographical Magazine and the termly newsletter, GeogOn .

These extracurricular contributions have strengthened the Department’s brand and played no small part in increasing the uptake

best for the future. Dr M. I. Beacham

of the subject at GCSE and A-Level. Dan’s skills are not confined to the

Geography Department – during his two year stint he has played an important role in Staff IT training and spent countless hours on the hockey pitch with the U14As and U15Bs. Dan has been part of a palpable social and cultural change in the School, leading assemblies on well-being, inclusivity, and challenging toxic masculinity. His hard work with Ben Oxenham in leading Jaffa Cake Club will leave a lasting legacy. Dan will be sorely missed throughout the School, but most readily within the Geography Department; he has been a fabulous colleague to work with and I have no doubt that his skills and ‘banter’ will be well received wherever he ends up next (even if his ‘singing’ isn’t!). Thank you, Dan! Mr A. L. Murray


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Staff Leavers

up-to-date knowledge of teaching resources, and his organisation of our subscription to Dr Frost Maths allowed for efficient and effective use by students. His love of puzzles inspired him to establish the weekly Junior Maths Club, which has grown over the last two years to a merry band of committed young mathematicians. Being a local boy and a lover of football made Josh quickly relatable to the students in his care. His tutor sessions have been varied and fun, and I know his group were disappointed to return to School in September to find that their indoor curling kit had gone missing over the summer holidays! Josh has been a great addition to the football coaching staff at Merchant Taylors’, despite being unfortunate enough to hold a Chelsea season ticket. This year the 1st XI had arguably their most successful season, and some say that Josh was the tactical brain behind the operation – he was very much the Michael Beale to Mark Fothergill’s Steven Gerrard. Josh is also responsible for the now infamous biannual staff football fixture against Watford Grammar School, and it was certainly pleasing (and somewhat cathartic) that his final appearance saw MTS staff finally gain a victory over their fierce rivals. Less pleasing is the fact that he could not find the back of the net, although his xG statistics make for good reading! Josh leaves Merchant Taylors’ half the man that started here, literally! During lockdown, he took up running; the bug quickly bit and less than two years later he was running the London Marathon, for which he raised in the region of £4,000 for PHAB. Since then, Josh has run several marathons and half marathons; he displayed an impressive level of organisation to complete his training runs around planning and teaching lessons. Unfortunately, the itch to travel has struck again and Josh is leaving Merchant Taylors’ for the exotic West Island School, Hong Kong with his partner Sarah. Our loss is certainly their gain, and we wish him the very best of luck in his new venture. I have no doubt that when he chooses to return to London there will be a job waiting for him. Mr A. S. Miller

Beyond the Department Stacey spent a year as Assistant Head of Upper School and became the go-to teacher for a number of Sixth Form pupils who appreciated her openness and perspective. She served as a UCAS advisor, led Model United Nations and helped with Athletics and Cross Country. A much-loved Walter Tutor, she will be very much missed by all her pupils; just as her colleagues will quickly note with sadness her absence from her favourite stool in the SCR and its accompanying teacup and conversation. We wish Stacey

Michael Hetherington Apocryphal stories abound about ‘Dr H’: students talk about a fierce academic rivalry with Philip Hoyle, or that all his furniture – tables, chairs, even bookcases – are made of books. The truth is a little less fantastical, but all tales are woven from profound inspiration; and inspire everyone he did. Michael’s expansive intellect, along with several wheelbarrows full of books, landed in EN36 just as the summer leaves were on the turn in September 2020. Arriving from St John’s College, Oxford, where he had worked as a lecturer and researcher for five years, Michael quickly settled in, doing his best to take the chill off 1930s plumbing with his good humour, collegiality and the warm glow of learning that emanated from his classroom. In possession of a sharp wit, Michael adheres to the Henry James epitgram that one should ‘try to be one of those on whom nothing is lost.’ Those among the boys or Common Room who have come up short in this respect have experienced the singular pleasure of being on the receiving end of one of Michael’s delicious darts, so subtle that one barely feels them sliding home. A more prolonged pleasure is to sit in on one of his talks. His Christmas Lecture on the wider context of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure will live long in memory, as will his presentations at The Herrick, where he embodied the Renaissance attitude in both

all the very best for her new role as Housemistress at Sherborne Girls. Mr. R. C. Garvey

Joshua Coren Josh joined Merchant Taylors’ School in September 2020 from the British International School in Kuala Lumpar. At a challenging time for education in the middle of the pandemic, and having only communicated with Josh via Zoom prior to his employment, it was with great relief that the much-heralded mathematics teacher appeared on the first day of term; he quickly lived up to his reputation. Josh’s teaching has been first rate; he taught with the sprezzatura typical of a long established Taylors’ teacher. Josh brought


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his admiration for and his attempts to outdo the greats who have gone before. Indeed, who can forget his parody of Shakespearean verse when writing the cover work one day for his Sixth Form class? Those who were lucky enough to be part of his stimulating Oxbridge and super-curricular groups gained so much. Michael cares deeply about the quality of education we offer, not only at MTS, but on a wider matter of principle. It comes as no surprise that Michael has a very deep love of literature and wishes to share that joy with the boys. You might catch him in an unguarded moment reading Montaigne in original 16th-century French; “Nobody really likes what I like,” he says demurely. But his Middle School Reading List is a thing of beauty, curated in a such a way as to make his recommendations irresistible. A particular favourite is the category entitled ‘Cultural Touchstones – the books you will need to know for intelligent dinner conversation.’ Echoes of James again. He has sought out every way possible to bring books and boys together, even resorting, like Napolean, to reach boys through their stomachs. The erstwhile Middle School Book Club overnight became ‘Food for Thought’. So much of the above feels incongruous with the fact that Michael undertook his teacher training with us. But this he did with humility and grace, albeit with the odd grimace when fashioning himself through administrative hoops. Our lasting impression of Michael is of a stalwart, a pillar who steadfastly upholds his values and strives for understated excellence every day. He is a man of deep integrity, honesty and compassion. He returns to Oxford after a three-year sojourn away from those dreaming spires in order to work closer to his young family. But he returns a secondary school teacher with the individual wellbeing of young people as much at the forefront of his mind as their academic development. He will be greatly missed by both boys and staff, and he goes with our fondest wishes as he begins a new chapter at Magdalen College School. Mr M. G. Hilton-Dennis and Mr D. G. Robinson

Andrew Duffey Andrew’s arrival in September 2019 was a breath of fresh air for DET, and he quickly went about boosting the Department’s provision and popularity. While his first year in post was curtailed by the Covid pandemic, this did not stop him from making a significant impact: he set about, with the help of staff and students, producing face shields for front-line workers. Initially, 1000 were produced in the school workshops, before a partnership with industry – facilitated by an OMT – allowed him to upscale and ultimately produce 21,000! As part of the initiative, he supplied kits to local schools so they could also produce face shields, and in conjunction with our industrial partners and DATA, he set up 5 hub schools across the UK to be lead centres of production for their local area. Andrew managed the procurement of kits to the hub schools, delivered training and managed QC until they were up and running. A result of all of this hard work was The Worshipful Company of Horners and British Plastics Foundation 2020 Outstanding Achievement Award, as well as a prestigious Design and Technology Association Award

for outstanding contribution during the pandemic. Since then, DET’s numbers for GCSE and A-Level have doubled, the VEX Robotics club has become nationally competitive, and a senior robotics squad has been introduced. Both the junior and senior squads have picked up numerous regional and national awards, including two 2020 Championship wins and two 2023 Excellence Awards, as well as a World Skills title in 2021 and World Virtual Skills win in 2022. Overall, 15 national trophies and 5 world trophies have been scooped by MTS students, all of whom have doubtless been motivated by Andrew’s passion. In fact, 100 students from Upper Thirds to Lower Sixth take part in VEX club every year, such is the excitement that Andrew has inspired for this part of school life. He has been incredibly popular with staff and students alike; he cares deeply about everything he does and has won hearts and minds. He will be deeply missed, and we wish him all the very best in his next venture

at North London Collegiate School. Mr S. J. Reid and Mr G. A. Wilson


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found the time to lead the Christian Union and Diplomacy Club. These initiatives provided invaluable spaces for students to find solace, explore their faith, and develop diplomatic skills, even in a virtual setting. Furthermore, James’s dedication to sports was evident in his efforts to revitalize the Basketball Games option, introducing NBA-based mini-tournaments that added a new dimension of excitement to our School’s sporting activities. In addition to his involvement in extracurricular activities, James has been a steadfast pillar of support for his tutees. His unwavering commitment to their well being and personal growth is a testament to his compassionate nature and genuine concern for the holistic development of each student. As a highly dependable member of the Andrewes tutor team, James has consistently gone above and beyond to provide excellent pastoral care and guidance. We hope he will continue to wear his purple House top with pride as he and his family begin the next chapter of their lives at Winchester College. We wish him all the best for the future.

play a part as the soon-to-be graduate of Leeds University requested a reference from his former Biology teacher as he applied for a teaching qualification. Two weeks later and the Head of Biology called Ben to ask if he would like to come in for an interview! Five years have passed since then, and Ben has excelled. He quickly became an integral part of the Common Room, entertaining everyone with his dry wit and candid nature. Ben’s enthusiasm for the subject and pedagogy has been palpable throughout his time here; plant life and pupils alike have thrived in his classroom. Fortunately, PSHE lessons and a pandemic did not dissuade Ben from the profession; as the youngest and self-confessed ‘most techno capable’ of the Biology Department, he took to surface pros, online learning and Microsoft Teams without skipping a beat. He became a stalwart of the Biology team and was always willing to get stuck in, even if it meant accompanying pupils on soggy ecology Field Days. Ben has relished the profession’s pastoral side; treating everyone with respect and dignity lies at the heart of all Ben does. It is little surprise, therefore, that many students entrust him with helping them in times of need. Indeed, one of the largest gaps he leaves is in his support for Jaffa Cake Club, where his youthful energy and goodwill helped start many initiatives, and educate pupils and staff in areas of diversity. When not in the classroom, Ben is often found swimming or out on the lakes in the safety boat – he has been a real asset to the Outdoor Education team. A strong swimmer, qualified powerboater, sailing and archery instructor, Ben’s calm, professional and upbeat approach to life lakeside will be sorely missed by staff and students alike. He will also be missed in the CCF where, despite admitting that wearing uniform twice weekly was asking a bit much, Ben has remained a Non Uniformed Volunteer, sacrificing Friday afternoons to supervise the pupils. Ben has made a lasting impression as a member of the SCR, and it will be his warmth, humour and passion for shaping

James King James joined Taylors’ in 2019 and is recognised as a dedicated practitioner who has made significant contributions to the wider life of the School and sparked the imagination of countless pupils. His deep passion for his subject led to the award of a scholarship from the Farmington Institute, which allowed him to chair a committee of academics and teachers and propose an A-Level in Theology. James has also been responsible for conceiving and organising the Young Philosophers Conference. For three consecutive years, with the sponsorship of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, James brought 150 students together for this prestigious event, giving them the unique opportunity to present their work and engage with leading philosophers and theologians. James’s dedication to nurturing intellectual curiosity and fostering philosophical discourse has undoubtedly enriched the minds and perspectives of all those involved. James’s contributions extend beyond Sandy Lodge. His involvement in the Council of the Independent Schools Religious Studies Association

Mr R. Simmonds Ben Oxenham

Ben Oxenham returned to Merchant Taylors’ in September 2018 three years after leaving as a student. Returning had never really been on the cards for Ben, but fate would

demonstrates his commitment to promoting religious education and

fostering an inclusive environment. Despite the challenges of lockdown, James still


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futures that will be remembered. We wish him all the very best as he ventures north to Berkhamsted School. Miss H. M. Park Conor Hull Conor joined Merchant Taylors’ as a Newly Qualified Teacher in September 2015; teaching was not Conor’s first career. After graduating with a degree in Physics from the University of St Andrews, he worked as a Science Communicator for the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Anyone who has been lucky enough to attend one of his assemblies will easily imagine him captivating audiences in the museum. It was through museum outreach work in Scottish schools that he found his true calling – teaching. Conor has been an intrinsic part of our Physics Department for the last eight years and his contributions have been significant and many, from his own innovations to his calm and considered refining of others’ ideas. Conor was a fantastic Acting Head of Physics for a year, inducting several new members of staff and smoothly navigating the Department through various challenges. If you have ever observed one of Conor’s lessons, you will have enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere of calm and seen the fun and engaging way he teaches complex topics. His Divisions class making Play-Doh stop motion animations of fission and fusion is just one really exciting example of an activity Conor used to make tricky physics ideas

simple. His tutor group has been equally civilised and are often known to enjoy a cup of tea together in the morning. When new timetables were made available in September, boys were always excited to see they had Mr Hull. Beyond Physics, Conor has been a brilliant pastoral leader. In his five-year stint as Assistant Head of Middle School he guided many boys back onto the right path, being something of a master at coaching. He led a working group to revamp the School Council and draft a School policy on Pupil Voice. Having Conor as Head of Mulcaster for the past year, we have been treated to assemblies which are always fun and thought-provoking. Exploring how far you can run while saying ‘ahhhhhh’ was a highlight and his assembly on the breadth, depth and length of a relationship was insightful. He has also been a great support to the Mulcastrian tutors in their work. Conor leaves us to teach physics at Harrow School; we wish him all the best and thank him whole-heartedly for his immeasurable contributions to Merchant Taylors’. He will be truly missed. Mrs A. Mayadeen Matt Flower Matt joined Merchant Taylors’ from The Skinners’ School in 2014 with his then fiancée, Mairead Murphy. Matt and Mairead, living in School accommodation, made an instant impact on the Merchant Taylors’ community both professionally and socially. They both try to live life to its absolute fullest, whether that be through travelling or socialising with friends; this infectious zest for life has rubbed off on everyone who has had the pleasure of their company. Matt quickly proved he was an excellent historian and a master in developing strong relationships with the pupils. The initial respect that he commanded from pupils has never waned. I regularly ask them who their favourite teacher is, and Mr Flower’s name regularly comes at the top of the list. His lessons are stimulating and inspiring in equal measure, and he caters for a range of abilities. Michael Hale, his Head of Department, has

noted that Matt’s work ethic would make Alexi Stakhanov blush. He possesses a remarkable capacity to view problems as opportunities, creating solutions that help boys and colleagues alike. Matt has always been happy to shoulder responsibilities within the Department, whether that be an extensive review of the Upper Thirds curriculum; his stewardship of the Divisions curriculum; staunchly supporting the Bulstrode Whitelocke Society or helping to mastermind the ever-popular Sir Brian Harrison History Magazine. In short, the History Department has been lucky to have Matt as a colleague and friend. Matt’s impact on the Merchant Taylors’ community has never been confined to the classroom. His contribution to the School’s co-curricular programme has been exhaustive. He is a skilled sports coach who has taken many different teams in his tenure, from hockey to cricket, not to mention managing the many White House teams. He has coached our best hockey players and, alongside Mr Alexander, has taken teams to National Finals as well as creating


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fundraising events including the ever-popular PHAB Revue. After taking the reins as Head of PHAB in 2021, Matt has led several cohorts in raising over £35,000 for the charity. He also initiated the new residential trip at The Pioneer Centre after the usual format at School was made impossible by Covid; he was able to envision a new format, ensuring that every guest had the best possible experience. Many would have backed away from the challenge, but Matt turned it into something even better than it had been before. He worked tirelessly to ensure that not only were guests’ needs met, but that expectations were exceeded. Matt has done it all at Merchant Taylors’ and has positively influenced so many. We have no doubt that our loss is Brighton College, Dubai’s gain. We wish Matt and Mairead all the very best; they will be sorely missed at School by pupils, parents, colleagues and friends. Mr I. McGowan Philip Harrison Philip joined the School as Head of Classics in 2012. He had graduated from Oxford, taught English in China, worked for Oxford University Press, studied a PGCE at Cambridge, and taught Classics at St Swithun’s and Highgate School. Thus there arrived in our midst a cultured and highly intellectual colleague whose scholarship has been matched only by his humility and gentleness. Philip took over the Classics Department with kindness and acumen, ever accommodating the unexpected and finding a pragmatic solution. He has led us with a light touch, offering professional trust and generosity of guidance, always taking the time to consult and collaborate, so that we felt heard and we moved forwards with confidence. Under Philip’s aegis, the Classics Department has retained its status as a flagship of Merchant Taylors’ academic weight. He has been responsible for a huge range of initiatives, such as offering the opportunity to visit the Classical world to all year groups in the School, starting with the Thirds and Upper Thirds Naples Trips to maximise their immersion in the Cambridge Latin

a positive culture in the hockey programme. Matt has never been too busy to give up his time to coach his side. He has accompanied so many sports tours, all of which have benefitted from his pastoral, travel, and sports expertise. I know he has many cherished memories from each. Matt has always seen his involvement in the extra-curricular life of the School as equally important as his contributions in the classroom. Indeed, it has extended to the OMT community where he has been a coach and player for OMT Hockey Club, representing the 1st XI for a number of seasons. He has stepped back recently, not to spend more time with the now Mrs Flower, but to play more golf at Sandy Lodge Golf Club. Matt’s impact on the School does not stop there. He was the driving force behind the introduction of World Challenge. The first trip to Madagascar in 2016 saw twelve boys complete three weeks of travelling, and the pre-expedition fundraising was just as impressive. Matt and the pupils organised an amazing Poker Night at Moor Park Mansion, as well as the less glamorous 48 hours of cycling on the running track, where boys and staff cycled the equivalent of the length of Madagascar! Mr Fothergill, who accompanied Matt on the trip, described him as the perfect blend professional, funny, fair, straight-talking and nurturing. It is this sense of humanity that is surely Matt’s greatest gift to School life. He has been a superb Head of White House for eight years: boys see Matt as someone who will listen, but also give them strength – he is a man who embodies both empathy and action. As Head of Middle School, James Manley noted that he even connects with boys he does not teach, does not coach, and are not in his House: they are boys who have approached him because they have heard he is a good person to speak to. This humanity also characterises arguably his greatest achievement at MTS – his leadership of PHAB. He played a key role in launching the first PHAB Club in 2016; he has found time in his saturated work schedule to visit guests and their parents to make them feel comfortable; he has overseen the organisation of many

course. He also introduced the creative solution of Gratin to the Fourth Form, and therefore secured healthy numbers of Greek pupils taking GCSE. More recently, he has overseen the introduction of Classical Civilisation as a wildly popular Fourth Form option. Having studied Greek Philosophy at Oxford, Philip has regularly chosen to teach the Plato option for Greek literature. In terms of his Classical interests, however, Philip describes himself as a generalist; he can turn his hand to anything. Ever a scholar himself, his greater interest in Greek art and architecture was sparked by teaching Classical Civilisation; this fed into his passion for Classical travel. For many pre-pandemic years, he spent part of his summer holidays in the intense August heat of Athens, introducing international students to the delights of the Classical world. On his last Naples Trip in 2023 he was pleased to be able to visit the Graeco Roman settlement of Paestum on the Amalfi Coast, a stunning archaeological site, enthusing pupils and staff alike in the world’s best surviving Greek temples. Above all, Philip values thinking, reading and research. Reading weekends at Ascot Priory became a unique feature of the Classics Department, providing space and a scholarly setting for Classics pupils to carry out research and present their findings. He has hosted Classics conferences for teachers, and maintained a steady programme of external speakers, including such big names as Richard Hunter, Philip Hardie, Alan Sommerstein and Stephanie McCarter. More recently, he invited Dr John Kittmer, the career Classicist and diplomat, to speak at an online lecture titled “Our Man in Athens”. He encouraged pupils in the Divisions and Lower Sixth to prepare and address questions to John, who engaged the boys and explored their ideas. This is typical of Philip’s style, inspiring young scholars and Classicists alike and building their confidence. He is never happier than when he is exploring ideas with curious minds. Many of you will recall him representing Scholarship for a video on the School website, considering you imperiously in slow motion as he looks up from some


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